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  • Anna Kavanaugh

Ethical Evolutions Launch News

Hi folks! Some of you may know that my new series, "Ethical Evolutions: Preserving Natural Balance in a Modern World," was set for launch today. After months of intense research, work, and writing, I could not be more excited and ready to share this show with you, along with I feel are the important topics we'll discuss there.

When the premiere date was originally scheduled a few months ago, it was with such great hope and expectation that our world would be well moving on from the crisis phase of the Covid pandemic. As vaccinations were getting into arms and cases falling, things looked so optimistic in turning the corner of what has been a tragic and trying period for us all. Unfortunately, it has not turned out that way. So many still remain unvaccinated and the Delta variant took its hold, while now we also face new variants of great concern. Like so many others, my own state of Oregon has been in dire straits with cases, deaths, and not enough hospital beds to treat patients who have fallen ill. I desperately urge everyone who has not yet been vaccinated, to please take this life-saving and protective step for yourselves, and for your communities. A few of the wonderful folks I have been working with behind the scenes have sadly been touched by the Delta variant in their own families and my heart is with them. While we could launch the series as planned, the question has been weighing on me for weeks if it is really the right time to do so. I am temporarily disappointed, but both personally and professionally, I feel that to postpone premiere of the show is the best decision. Regretfully, we have decided to delay launch and will reschedule at the earliest opportunity as we continue to monitor ongoing status of the pandemic. With the holidays also upon us, I am thinking the new year may be where we're headed.

Stay tuned! It's coming! And I cannot wait to share it with you when the time is right. Stay safe, be healthy, protect yourselves and others. Show kindness to others and keep love and light in your heart. This world sure does need it.

Thank you for understanding, see you soon!

~ Anna xo


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