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Anna on The Social Network Show

Featured Guest Appearance 

November 15, 2013

"No one has the right to abuse the internet to abuse you. No one has the right to rewrite who you are."

- Anna Kavanaugh

The Social Network Show welcomes Anna Kavanaugh, writer, editor, speaker, radio show host, and Founder/Director of The Anna Kavanaugh Charitable Foundation and its cyber-abuse division, The Bully Battleground. The foundation focuses on suicide prevention and helps victims to reclaim their lives.Listen to the show to hear Anna discuss these questions: What characterizes an online abuser? Do cyber abusers have a cruelty gene? Is there a profile of the typical cyber abuser? Are they sociopaths? Do cyber abusers aim to hurt or destroy? What should the bystanders do? Should a victim report the abuse to law enforcement? Is there any legislation that is helping victims? Is there a place for victims to safely connect with others who are going through the same thing? One last message from Anna to the victims of cyber abuse: don’t surrender your spirit, there is help and hope.


Featured Guest Appearance

March 24, 2014



The Social Network Show welcomes Anna Kavanaugh back to the show on March 24, 2014. Anna, the Founder and Director of The Anna Kavanaugh Charitable Foundation, talks frankly about cyber abuse and cyber abusers in this episode. A victim of cyber abuse and a person who has done a lot of research on this topic, gives us a realistic comparison of virtual abuse versus abuse in the physical world. Listen to the show to hear the following questions answered: What do the victims of abuse experience? What are the end results of the abuse? How does violence online compare to violence in the physical world? What is the intent of the abuser? What is the collateral damage and how does this effect the families and friends of those abused? Do men and women cope differently to cyber abuse? How are adults and children affected differently?

Featured Guest Appearance

March 26, 2014



The Social Network Show welcomes Anna Kavanaugh for Part 2 of Virtual Violent Crime, March 26, 2014.Anna Kavanaugh, Founder and Director of The Anna Kavanaugh Charitable Foundation shares a realistic view of cyber abusers and their motives and what has to happen legally to stop this from continuing. If you have ever wondered what is going on in the minds of cyber abusers, listen to Anna’s description of cyber abusers and the two tactics they use to dismantle someone’s life. Hear what happens when you expose them and the difference between an individual’s behavior versus mob behavior. And, what about the legal side of this issue? Should social networks have the same responsibility for what goes on in their businesses that businesses have in the physical world? Should we be working on legislation to stop this abuse? And, is cyber abuse really a pandemic? Listen to the show to get an honest description of what is going on online.

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