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  • Anna Kavanaugh

Production Update!

Hello! It has certainly been quite a year full of unexpected delays. My charitable foundation has kept me busy lately and has required my exclusive focus amid pandemic challenges that have also been a force to reckon with. Out of necessity, and lack of adequate time, other personal and professional projects were put on hold in the interim. There are only so many hours in the day and both mental and emotional energy play into the equation of time. Delays happen and that's okay.

Some may recall that my new series, "Ethical Evolutions: Preserving Natural Balance in a Modern World," was scheduled to premiere last September, 2021. I was so disappointed it could not move forward as planned but am delighted to announce the show is back in production. Launch will be scheduled soon but is anticipated for Fall, 2022.

More updates will come as we get further into the year. I am so excited to get the conversation started about so many issues I feel are imperative to consider in contemplation of the future world we are building. For now, here is a new promotional bit for the show if you would like to have a listen. See you soon!

~ Anna


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