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  • Anna Kavanaugh

Launch News

Here we go, folks! I am delighted to announce we have a September 15th, 2021 launch date for the premiere of my new series, Ethical Evolutions: Preserving Natural Balance in a Modern World. Let me also share a bit more with you about this project that I have been so hard at work on.

The series examines the full spectrum of both human and environmental evolution relating to the integration and ethics of modern technologies as they merge and interface with our natural world, physical functions, and currently held societal perspectives. The episodic series will boldy delve into all the scientific, philosophical, and spiritually nuanced realms involved as we explore in-depth the implications of these contemporary practices that now shape the way we are changing our planet and potentially redefining humanity by our own hand. Heavy stuff, I know!

There is so much to examine and many important conversations to have. I cannot wait to dive into it all with you. Keep an eye out in the coming weeks for more details and updates about when and how to tune in on September 15th, 2021!


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